Red Rimfire

We Sell USA Manufactured Piney Mountain Tracer Bullets
     .22 LR Tracer Ammunition RED $170/brick*
     .22 LR Tracer Ammunition GREEN $170/brick*

* A brick is 500 shells and there is shipping charge added.
Sales Inquiries please include City, State and Zip Code to ensure shipment legality.

Dealer pricing also available to qualified retailers.

Piney Mountain .22 LR rimfire tracer cartridges are designed for use in rifles and will function in most auto-loading firearms. Igniting almost immediately after exiting muzzle, these bright red tracers are easily visible in daylight and can provide immediate visual feedback for shooting practices. Makes an excellent tool in understanding bullet trajectory and flight.

This tracer ammunition uses a hollow based bullet that contains a pyrotechnic composition similar to a flare. When fired the smokeless powder in the cartridge ignites the tracer composition . These tracers are non-corrosive and will not harm your barrel or firearm. Average velocity is 1020fps and traces well in excess of 100 yds......200-300 yds in most instances.

Our .22Lr rimfire cartridges are designed for use in rifles, and will function in most auto-loading firearms. Visible in day or night, our brightly colored tracers can provide immediate feedback for shooting practices.


You must be 21 or older to purchase tracer ammunition. Check your local laws for any other regulations. May not be sold in CA, Mass, NYC and Chicago. Illinois residents must have a Foid#.

Tracer ammo can and will start fires. Know your backstop and beyond. Do not use in dry, windy conditions. Know your weapon and its limitations. Hearing and eye production are suggested. Lead is known to cause birth, defects, reproductive harm, and other serious injury. Wash thoroughly after handling. Keep out of the reach of children. Beware of ricochets.

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